Katy Perry: “It’s a girl”


The pop star and her future husband Orlando Bloom debelan the sex of their first baby together.

When the american singer Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in the most artistic and creative that has made him a celebrity of the music quickly became a trend not only because it is one of our singers favorite but because next to her future husband, british actor Orlando Bloom, where the couples most beloved of the show.

On 5 march, the artist released the song “NeverWorn White”, a powerful ballad that speaks of her relationship with Bloom, whom she met at the gala of the Golden Globes in 2016 and with whom he began a brief relationship that lasted only a few months, because in February of 2017 confirmed their rupture. However, neither of the two imagined that you would return their romance in April 2018. Up until that point, the couple changed the formula to take your dating, going to hide from the spotlight to shout your love to the four winds And go that has worked for you!


The proof more solid than it was when they visited the Vatican and even took several pictures with Pope Francis, an event that the press named it as “reconciliation officer Perry and Bloom before the blessing of the pontiff.”

During that time, the famous singer expressed his wishes to start a family: “I am rising emotionally. I want to prepare for having a family of their own in the near future. I want to undergo a surgery of the soul before having a family of their own to not transfer any of my negative feelings,” said Perry in an interview.


Although it appears that the now committed had no luck in the love, now the such does not stop to surprise them. Both had already been marriedbut their media relations were not very healthy. As we all know, the well-known singer of “Firework” was also married to comedian English Russell Brand in 2010, but 14 months after the divorce according to the actor by “the unstoppable success” of the singer and “the different times in the race that was run”. Katy Perry reflected all of that disappointment and “resurgence” in his third studio album ‘PRISM’, which was published in 2013 and which generated a large number one hits such as “Roar” and “DarkHorse”. In the album, she includes a song titled “ByThe Grace of God” that sums up the depression that he suffered with the divorce with Russell, and which states that he came to think of suicide. During that time she dated the musician John Mayer, but their relationship was not very good and ended up months later.


Like his fiancée, Orlando Bloom was not very lucky in love before you know it, the british actor had an affair hollywood with actress Kate Bosworth in 2003, but they separated only three years later. When he was in full success of the series ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ started a fleeting relationship with the supermodel of Victoria sSecret, Miranda Kerr, whom he married in 2010, and a year later they had a child together, Flynn Bloom, now 9 years old. The couple divorced in 2013.

But in 2016 the love knocked on their doors in the gala of the Golden Globe award that year, where thanks to a burger-the actor and the singer started to know each other. Katy Perry shared in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that “we joined one of their burgers: I I was sitting at a table with Denzel Washington in the ceremony, and he reached out and caught one. At the beginning I said: ‘Still there’, but then I realized that he was very handsome and I thought: ‘Well, you can keep it’. Later I came back to find a party and I asked her how she had been seated the onion rings. He quickly replied: ‘I like you a lot’, and the rest is history,” said the singer of 35 years.

The singer announced her pregnancy in spectacular fashion

The past Valentine’s day 2019 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their engagement on Instagram with an adorable photo in which the couple displays a beautiful ring in flower shape with a diamond on the red centroevaluado in $ 5 million. Although the couple led us to believe that the wedding would take place at the end of last year, was postponed to carry it out in January of this 2020 in Tokyo, his favorite city, but due to the outbreak and the spread of the coronavirus were to postpone, according to sources close to the next summer, when he is born his first son.

Her pregnancy was another announcement that made the singer of 35 years, continuing to head the social networks,then through an elegant and touching video of the song “NeverWorn White” unveiled his advanced pregnancy and how happy I was for it.The video was trend several days all over the world and within 24 hours received 10 million views on YouTube.

If that weren’t enough, a few weeks ago, Perry gave to know the sex of your baby, announcing it with a post on Instagram, where at the foot of a graceful photo of Bloom the artist puts it: “It’s a girl”. We still don’t know the name of the partner you want to put your baby, but if things flow as until now, they would be welcoming this summer, when you will celebrate your wedding ceremony. By Diego NabejasImágenes: Clasos

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