Kendall Jenner talks about his anxiety attacks



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Kendall Jenner, famous model us and a member of the millionaire family Kardashian, revealed that has suffered from anxietythis as part of the campaign “How are you really?”performed by the Coalition of Mental Health, which seeks to raise awareness about mental health, especially in these times of confinement social due to the pandemic of covid-19.

The model of 24 years, shared that their first anxiety attack was when I was very small and, thanks to his mother, he could be met on time.

“It was very, very young and I remember feeling that I couldn’t breathe and I found my mother and said ‘Mom I can not breathe. Something must be wrong,’” said Kendall Jenner the program Good Morning America.

Also Kendall Jenner, told them that her mother took her to the doctor to be sure that all was well physically; however, no one explained to him that what he had was an anxiety attackin addition he commented that three years ago the condition returned.

“I would have panic attacks crazy. I finally got the information I needed about it. Honestly, what I hope to achieve is that people don’t feel so alone”, for it has joined the campaign launched by the Coalition of Mental Health. shared People.

Kendall Jenner mentioned that to calm down when you feel anxious, read a book, also, through its account of Instagram, shared that she decided to join the challenge and “How are you really?”, so that more people are given the opportunity to share how you feel, know you are not alone and to overcome together the problem of anxiety.