Kylie Jenner imposes trends to 2020 with jeans upside down


The celebrity took a casual look perfect to be at home during the quarantine.

Kylie Jenner continues to impose trends for this 2020 and has recently taken the jeans perfect to wear a comfortable and dazzling in a casual look.

Through his Instagram celebrity posted a picture that looks the jeans upside down, a pair of trousers faded very original with pockets on the back with the same form with that take you forward.

These jeans faded have the price of 358 dollars, and quickly become the most used by all for the season, since it is cut high, perfect to stylize the figure.

Kylie completed her casual look with tennis shoes Nike with shades of white, brown, beige and cream, which made it look very sporty, and a crop white top.

“I loved their jeans, “that jeans are so curious and beautiful”, “beautiful as always”, “I love your style”, “curious of his jeans with the back pockets”, “I loved this look of Kylie”, “you are very cool your pants”, and “very accurate to her outfit,” were some of the comments in networks.

Last year, his older sister Kendall also imposed trends with jeans upside down they had the same way front to back, it is identical on both sides.


This type of pants are a great option for a casual look, so that will undoubtedly be most used this year.

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