Kylie Jenner: why she ended her relationship with Travis Scott? | Kim Kardashian | Yung Sweet


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott they ended their relationship in 2019 after that will weave a series of hypotheses about the reason of their break up. One of them is that the rapper had been with the model Yung Sweet as it came out of a series of photos where supposedly the singer had been in the department of the young.

In the first picture you may notice the shoes Travis Scott; however, what caught the attention of his followers was that she went up screenshots where you showed that Kylie Jenner the blocked and it was releasing constantly to review their stories of Instagram.

Yung Sweet you turned off your social networks already received many insults on the part of the users, but before doing so, left a message asking that it not the tildaran be the apple of discord.

“None of these rumors are true, it is only the internet by creating a false story. Please, stop spreading lies and leave it to him, to her (Kylie) and me in peace, because (the gossip) are affecting real people. Thank you,” he wrote.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott seemed to be the perfect couple. Both were very much in love in all the events to which were invitedin addition, with the arrival of their first child,a daughter Stormi Webstereverything was rosy.

However, the news that they had split caused a stir in the entertainment world since the entrepreneur would be going through the same thing your sister Khloé Kardashian with your former spouse Tristan Thompson.

Kylie Jenner has not given a statement about it and he declined to comment on the subject by uploading a photo when she was pregnant with his baby. “Turn back, pregnant with my little baby. I can’t believe that my daughter will be two years soon…”, he wrote in his post to Instagram.