Lizzo brings us to the end the official music video for his ‘Good As Hell’


  • Artist: Lizzo
  • Title: ‘Good As Hell’
  • Producer: Reed
  • Label: Atlantic Records and Nice Life Recording Company

In the music industry there are hits that, for reasons often unrelated to the artists, take a receive a visual work to accompany you or directly never get to have it. The latter is a group that already thought that belonged to ‘Good As Hell’topic Lizzo launched in 2016, and that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years, but it turns out that the singer is set to work to remove this small thorn.

For the visual work of ‘Good As Hell’, Lizzo travels to the Southern University Baton Rouge (Louisiana). The images of this video are a tribute to the university historically dominated by the black race, in which we are taught the marching band, cheerleaders and students dealing with the preparation of a big event. The singer can see it in this clip wearing various uniforms, and playing the flute that has now become his instrument talisman.

Don’t miss the video clip of ‘Good As Hell’ at the top of these lines and tell us what you think.

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