Lizzo gave a motivational speech about her arrival to the Grammys 2020 (+VIDEO)


Lizzo gave an inspiring speech at the Grammy Awards 2020.

The american singer of 31 years, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, who was nominated to eight awards on the night of the Grammys 2020, took the stage on Sunday 26 January at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to accept his award for the Best Performance Pop Only thanks to your topic “Truth Hurts”.

In this regard, after pay homage to the late short basketball player, Kobe Bryant, announced his speech by saying that be award-winning was totally unexpected, but really cool. Also, he said “This whole week, I’ve lost in my problems, stressed out, and then, in an instant, all of that can disappear, and your priorities really change.”

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Consequently, he added Today all my little problems that I thought were great as the world, disappeared.” asserting that there were problems really serious and at that time there were people suffering.

Because of this, the rapper continued “You create beautiful music, you create connectivity. We need to continue branching out. This is the beginning of making music that move people again, to make music that frees people” for all of the celebrities engaged in the industry present there.

Finally, he thanked the music for putting her in that award and to get out of it to great friendships, concluding “I don’t know where I would be right now, sleeping in my car. Many thanks for getting up. Let’s keep branching out, embracing us and standing”.

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