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The Alfonso is one of the groups that is premiere with the theme “Che sy porãitepe”, which will form part of his next album with the who will celebrate their 30-year career.

The issue, which comes out under the seal of the Blue Caps, is Miguel Augusto Carlés. “We wanted to pay homage to all the moms with this song,” said Rosa Maria Alfonso, which is why they released the song yesterday.

The singer said that the album would be presented with a special concert this year, but due to the pandemic that celebration will have to wait. However, the album will be released in a couple of months.

On the other hand, the group Tekove recently presented the song “Kuña guapa”, composed in lyrics and music by Meli Hicks and Juanchi Alvarez.

The artists expressed that the issue “is a tribute to the paraguayan woman, from a new perspective, by focusing their inner strength inspiring”. In addition, they underlined that this song “is an evidence of the new stage that the band is going through” a phase in which they think to bet on their own compositions in a “one hundred percent”.

The new composition was recorded in the study Teete Productions, with the collaboration of the other members of the band: Lorenzo Recalde, Eduardo Benitez, Pedro Figueredo, and Jhony Riveros. Miguel Narváez worked with the harmonies of voices.

In both group of pop-rock Dali is back with a new song called “Reborn”, which contains “a message of hope for a new start, leaving the past behind and give value to things that really matter in life”, as expressed in the release of the band.

In addition, they noted that such statements “may well relate with the current situation that we are living in the world”.

The single was recorded in the studio of the band, mixed and mastered in New York, united States of America, by engineer Isaac Choi, who worked with artists such as Shawn Mendes, Zara Larsson, and Calum Scott, among others.

To turn The Profane presented his new single titled “Fury Unleashed”, available on the YouTube channel and BandCamp of the band. The theme will be part of a new EP that will launch this year.

The group defines their style as a mixture of death metal and rock and roll, produced, recorded and mixed the theme in Covenant Productions. The mastering was made by Rolando Obregón in Buenos Aires, Argentina.