Nicki Minaj brings out her secret how to lose weight?

Nicki Minaj has become one of the artists most in demand of the music industry worldwide. Everything that touches the singer, it turns to gold, and a proof of this is that every one of their songs, or songs in which he has worked have become hits world-wide.

The last of them, ‘Tusa’, a collaboration with the colombian artist Karol G, has become one of the songs most listened and danced in the year, amassing over 500 million views on Youtube.

But the artist has not only managed to be a star with their songs, but also with their messages, so much applauded as criticised, through his radio program ‘Queen of Radio’, in which for the last delivery, revealed something very important to your new life-style that millions of fans around the world have applauded, turning his program trending worldwide on Twitter.

According to this information, Nicki Minaj wanted to lose weight but not clear with the strength of will sufficient to exercise and lead a routine healthy diet. However, he confessed that his mind and body are pledged to continue that process, and that was the key factor that helped him to achieve this.

Although it is still far from losing the 9 pounds you want to lose, the artist has learned to love more of themselves: “once I got to thinking… what if one of my best friends I tell you these things? The people that you love don’t talk that way, does not treat you well, don’t say those things to make you feel bad, but what we do with ourselves. Women, we do that to ourselves all the time with our bodies“he explained.

So, Nicki Minaj he confessed that the secret to getting to the ideal weight is based on love for oneself and respectknowing what is best for our body. These words have thrilled to his followers, and many are in the same situation.

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