Of Harry Styles to Travis Scott so is the MANicure for men in 2020


Harry Styles nail art
Instagram @britnettokyo

The MANicure in men is becoming more and more normalized for celebrities such as Ezra Miller, Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky and even Travis Scott. And we couldn’t be more excited about the world away from the concept of “blue for boys, pink for girls”, and that we move forward towards our own expressions (fluid) gender. Thus, each time the nail art it is a most vital element in the look of the men, not just for the celebs.

“these days, comes from the rappers and the artists of the trap”.

For decades the nail art it has been a way of expression for women, as a kind of messaging system analog. If the fact that the men painted on the nails is not something new this year —thanks to rockstars like David Bowie and Kurt Cobain— the men of today are taking it to another level.

The nail artist Mei Kawahiri gives credit to ASAP Ferg for filing the enamel to all of your group of friends. The rappers, who are responsible for almost all of the good trends of the past four decades, once they are guiding a new style. “It came from the punk rock of the Sex Pistols”says the manicurist to the celebs Britney Tokyo. “But, these days, comes from the rappers and the artists of the trap”.

Brittany is also responsible for the nail art used by Harry Styles. From 2016, he began to paint the nails, and coincided with the time that separated One Direction. If you want to free yourself of the image of a boy band created, what better way than with a manicure dazzling? “He (Harry)) I key words creative and color palettes” says Tokyo ELLE US. “And it tells me that do what you want, as could make the japanese style Omakase”.

And with this artistic freedom, Tokyo creates designs that defy the genres of taxes. Another very cool is the Travis Scott. In the backstage a photo shoot while the rapper was preparing her outfit and hair, the manicurist Mei Kawahiri asked: “do you Want to get nail art?”. He was a bit surprised and replied: “Do you mean nail art for me?”. And after a bit of persuasion of Mei, agreed on a design that read his name in the nail. The end result liked a lot Scott.

Other customers of Mei Kawahiri are Marc Jacobs, ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg. In regards to women, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Rosalie will also trust your hands to Mei.