Oscar awards 2020: Margot Robbie and Adam Sandler lost by smiling too much


Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in once upon a time in Hollywood, the nomination that he escaped to the australian actress, who had a year to remember

What binds to

Adam Sandler


Margot Robbie

in the



That both were unfairly marginalized in the distribution of nominations by smiling too much.

For the

Academy of Hollywood

, to identify with the comedy, or to display on screen the highest state of happiness possible in a human being are still issues that are incompatible with the prize most sought after in the entertainment industry.

In the midst of so many complaints about the absence of women among those vying for the best director award and the omission in the list of candidates of this year of the minority

(the african-american, mostly) claimed by the entity itself in the past few years, there is another kind of discrimination that nobody talks about, despite the myriad of historical evidence that corroborates:

Oscar is not interested in the comedy


And much less those actors who are so identified with comedy, it became invisible when you engage in another type of genre. The prodigious interpretation of Sandler in

Diamonds in the rough


Uncut Gems


film is available on Netflix

, was confined to the recognition of some associations of american critics and a nomination as that obtained in the Independent Spirit awards, independent film is delivered, as is tradition, on the eve of the ceremony of the Oscar.

This means that

just a few of the managers to assign nominations and nominations to the awards season of Hollywood saw Sandler the best role of his life

. But the Academy must have seen something else: that the protagonist of

Diamonds in the rough

he made so many comedies in your life that could only be recognized by them. Otherwise not interested in.

Trailer “Diamonds in the rough” (subtitles) – Source: Netflix Latin america


We already know that the Academy of Hollywood prefer the tears to the smiles. On one side is shown refractory to appreciate the best dramatic profile of an actor devoted to the comedy. And on the other, in the case of an actress who had done everything to earn two nominations, chooses to designate it as a candidate for the Oscar for the role more tear of the two.


Scarlett Johansson

Robbie had everything in their hands this year to become a double-Oscar nominee.

Johansson achieved this recognition twice


Story of a marriage

(actress leading) and

Jojo Rabbit

(actress). Robbie had to touch something like that in this latter category. Made merits to do so by separate appearances in two movies that were also part of this high season of awards:

Once upon a time.in Hollywood


The scandal



), which opens in theaters argentines on Thursday the 20th of this month.

Trailer of once upon a time in Hollywood – Source: YouTube


In the movie

Quentin Tarantino


Robbie personifies Sharon Tate and his is the scene of perhaps the most beautiful and happy all the way to the Oscar

. The one in which we enjoy from the seat of a cinema in Westwood the fact of seeing herself on the screen in a couple of scenes

The devastating

(The Wrecking Crew).


The scandal

Robbie is Kayla Pospisil, a producer who dreams of having his own place as a conductor in

Fox News

while around them is hidden a dark pattern in which Roger Ailes, the powerful top dog of the chain is wrapped in suspicion of manipulation and sexual abuse.

First teaser of the movie Bombshell – Source: Youtube


Robbie shines through here, also through a character’s characteristics dummy that compiles various figures of real life involved in this situation. But the Academy, in your case, it seems to have stopped in the valuation of his dramatic acting talent. It could be said with all foundation that embody the wife of Roman Polanski, it is much more complicated and challenging for an actress, but the story Oscar tells us all the time that an actress beautiful and talented of the features Robbie could only be assessed by a commitment dramatic. Let us remember that the protagonist of

The scandal


Charlize Theron

, he won his first Oscar afeando its natural beauty until the end of the unrecognizable in the movie

Monster: serial killer from