Photos of Sophie Turner pregnant: the images caused reactions and memes on Twitter


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Matt Winkelmeyer via GettyImages | Favim

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just to clarify the question that many fans of the couple had about their pregnancy.

And of course the reaction on social networks was not made to wait.


The Internet only handles in two emotions: disbelief and the more total and extreme emotion.

And the most clear example is the reaction of users Twitter before the revelation of Sophie Turner and her partner, Joe Jonas, that, in fact, are expecting a baby.

The loose-fitting clothing it was the beginning of the speculation…

“New photos. Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas were spotted on Saturday, may 9 in the evening, in Encino California”

Although at first the couple wanted to hide as much as possible the state of Sophie, it seems that they were ready to cause panic among the fans.

Go ahead with the pictures!

“New photos of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas go out for a walk and get some fresh air in Los Angeles, may 12, 2020”

Perhaps Sophie is showing/hiding a prominent tummy of pregnant?

It is a moment that fans have already declared themselves as “historical“and that represents a new wave of singers and musicians.

Especially if we consider the two daughters of the elder brother, Kevin Jonas.

“Wow. This is for the history books, ladies and gentlemen. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were kind enough to make the third of the new Jonas: now Alena, Valentina and her new cousin can overcome their aunts and uncles and parents. The power. The legacy”

The baby hasn’t even born and already has a nickname, courtesy of the social networks:

“Sophie Turner pregnant is the best thing that could have happened. A baby Jophie”.

And all the power that will be born small or small because it has more than considered…

“That baby will have Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner from parents, Kevin and Nick Jonas as uncles, Priyanka and Danielle Jonas as aunts and Alena and Valentina as bonuses. That baby has already won in life”

Congratulations to the couple!

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