Rihanna finally gave us a new song, or something like that


(CNN) — It is not the new album that the world has been asking, but it’s a start. The Friday morning of the canadian singer PartyNextDoor released his new album, “PartyMobile”, which is for Rihanna with the song “Believe It”.

Rihanna announced the launch of this new single on his verified account on Twitter.

People have been more than excited for new music from the singer and mogul’s make-up, since he released his last album, “Anti”, in 2016.

“Better make me believe it/Best-make me believe/Think that I do not mistreat “, sang she, and PartyNextDoor in the choir.

PartyNextDoor has written songs for Rihanna, including her hit “Work”, so it makes sense that she would be a guest on a song with him.

She has been hinting at what has felt an eternity, a new album of theirs is about to arrive. Even your old a frequent collaborator, Drake, is increasingly restless.

Both Drake as Rihanna on Wednesday joined the Instagram Live DJ Spade, and the rapper sent him a message. Rihanna, “release R12 (in reference to the new album) right now, “ wrote Drake.

Yes please.