Rikishi was a trend on Twitter due to video of Lizzo


The last two days have been quite moved to WWE for their news_ First, we met the departure of four of their Superstars this Sunday, and this Monday, it was announced the induction to the Hall of Fame four members of nWo, and Batista. Of course, these news generated their reactions on social networks, but without arriving to be a trend.

► Rikishi was a tendency on social networks

Despite these news, who turned out to be trend on Twitter this Monday was another member of the Hall of Fame of WWE. It is Rikishi, who came to such a situation thanks to a singer, rapper and songwriter Lizzo.


The singer was present at the NBA game between The los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday. During a performance of the cheerleaders of the Lakers, she decided to move a little, menéandose, as he showed that he wore a thong. This dance also was caught on the jumbotron of the Lakers.

“Lizzo attended the game of basketball with an outfit inspired by Rikishi. What do you think?”

Lizzo is wagged while I enjoyed the dance routine of the animadoreas of the Lakers during the game tonight.”

“Lizzo it boasts of not having pants after the game Lakers vs Timberwolves.”

The comparisons with the former Superstar of the WWE did not wait, as this dance he reminded many fans of the wrestling move of the Stinkface that applied Rikishi to its rivals, and which led him to become a trend in social networks this Monday.

Who is better dressed (the thong)? #Lizzo #Rikishi”

The legend of ECW, Tommy Dreamer, also he reacted to the trend with a publication, where you also give your point of view on the comparison of thongs:

“When I saw that Rikishi was a trend and I checked the reason, desaría not have seen why #Rikishi was in trend. I also say that he sported best #uce”.

The ex-wrestler, of course, I was also unaware about the reason of being trend and published (even after the message of the Dreamer) the following:

“doWhat is going on here that #Rikishi is trend?”