Russell Brand refers back to Katy Perry


The actor Russell Brand they are doing a tour in Australia with his show of humor, and it was there where, according to a witness of the show briefly mentioned his ex-wife, the singer Katy Perry.

In the beginning, the actor named it when you started the show without any sense. But at the end of your routine there was a time of questions and answers, and the singer returned to be mentioned.

Let’s remember that Katy and Brand were married for a period of approximately two years, to then live a controversial divorce where the singer was greatly affected. The painful moment what we could see in the documentary “Part of me” of Katy.

“He was responding to questions from the audience, and someone asked about the love”, the source said to Us Weekly.

Before this another person from the audience shouted out “Katy Perry” to which he replied: “it is a charming human being” but that would not say more.