Serena Williams confesses his anxiety in the face of the coronavirus: “I go crazy”


The unprecedented situation that we are living in a great part of the world, with millions of citizens confined in their homes as a strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus, is having side effects in many people. To be cooped up for days, the uncertainty about the future, or for the matter, the anxiety about the unpredictable behaviour of the virus are issues that are expensive to manage psychologically, in our head.

The tennis player Serena Williamswinner of 23 Grand Slams and one of the best athletes on the planet, has made such a show of honesty and public through a series of videos shared on the social network, Tik Tok, has confessed about his emotional imbalance of these days. “First was suspended Indian Wells and I thought I would have more free time to enjoy. Then they were canceling a tournament after the other. I had thought that the coronavirus it would affect me and now it turns out that I become hysterical for any thing that happens”said the american.

Williams has ensured in addition that the current situation has led to to be prey to a constant state of anxiety. “And by anxiety I mean that I get nerves every time someone sneezes or coughs near me, I go crazy”he continued, “and I don’t relate with anyone. And when I say ‘nobody’ I refer to my daughter” Williams has a two year old daughter, Alexis Olympiathe fruit of their marriage with the entrepreneur and investor Alexis Ohanian.

And his agitation current is very focused on their small, as revealed itself: “Olympia coughed and I was upset. I looked at her with suspicion. I put in plan ‘Serena angry’ and then I got sad. I asked myself: “what Is good? Does it happen something bad to my daughter? Is there anything I can do?” Williams has acknowledged that “you do not know what to do”, so instead of relaxing, it is putting itself under “enormous stress”.

However, the tennis player has made it clear that the confinement is a necessary part of the solution for the outlook to improve. In a post on Instagram posted two days ago, he wrote the following: “I am staying at home and I am conducting the social distancing. I want to make sure that I do my part during these uncertain times. Your actions matter and staying at home is the only thing that we can do to flatten the curve”.