Serena Williams is anxious for the coronavirus


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Serena Williamswinner of 23 Grand Slams, has confessed that he is very anxious about the pandemic of coronavirus that has plagued the world.

After the cancellation of the Indian Wells, Williams thought that was normal; however, things have been complicated for the born in Seginaw, Michigan.

“First was suspended Indian Wells and I took it as that I would have more free time to enjoy. Then they are canceling out of a tournament after the other. I had thought that the coronavirus it would affect me and now it turns out that I become hysterical for any thing that happens,” said the tennis player.

And he added: “I have anxiety that we live in and not go out with anyone. Every time someone coughs or sneezes next to me I go crazy. Every time my daughter coughs, I already have the feeling that he is sick and that situation me mad. I start to ask if I can do something to help her”