Shawn Mendes accidentally confirms the relationship between Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld


It seems that we have an eternity wondering if Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan are boyfriends or not, and Shawn Mendes has done us the favor of you to confirm! During the red carpet of the MTV VMAs, Shawn slipped this detail about Hailee and Niall.

Shawn Mendes gave an amazing presentation (which left us boquiabiertas) its simple In My Blood at the VMAs, but before the show offered some interviews some of the media.

In an interview with Access Hollywoodhim , and asked him to Shawn Mendes he thought about Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeldto which he replied:

Niall and Haillee are my favorite people in the whole world. Niall is one of my best friends. Hailee, when it started, I was one of the first people with whom he worked on the music. I love the two.

Suddenly, Shawn realized that subtly confirmed that Niall and Hailee are boyfriends and Shawn took a pause to say:

I thought this was common knowledge. I thought that was common knowledge for me because I am a friend of both.

Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld have been spotted together on various occasionsbut, despite this, none of the two has been confirmed to be in a relationship. But it seems that is not needed, as Shawn already dropped the soupthough to be fair, it’s not like that Niall and Hailee to hide their affection in public, so that we doubt that they amount that Shawn has revealed the secret…