Snoop Dogg denies officially the accusations of a snitch of 6ix9ine


Snoop Dogg explained why the accusations of 6ix9ine that mocked Suge Knight are false and warned the “rat” you don’t mess with the “Dogg”.

If Snoop Dogg was not tired of 6ix9ine before, sure now, yes. Since the rapper recently imprisoned he returned last week, Snoop has made clear that it does not approve the forms of theft 6ix9ine, or the celebration surrounding his return to the music. However, on Friday (may 15), 6ix9ine added fuel to the fire by accusing Snoop of being a snitch, claiming that it served as an informant for the feds in the criminal case of Suge Knight. Initially, Snoop responded with a clip by comedian Omar King like his character, Pimpin Silky, but after that 6ix9ine refused to let go of his assertions, Snoop knew that he could not ignore the situation. The OG first shared a video on Instagram, by issuing a warning to 6ix9ine for me to leave him alone for his own good while she called him “ratboy” and “b * tch”.

“The last time you said something, I don’t have time,” says Snoop. “But today I have time”. 6ix9ine then commented on the post, “EXPLAIN YOUR WORK PAPELKKKK”.

Later, Snoop released a trailer spoof of a “drama” on 6ix9ine called Tattle Tales. “The tail of a rat,” wrote Snoop in the photo caption. “Coming soon perra9 I mean snitch9. I mean fuchlo of cuZblood”.

“This is fun for the old heads of everyone over the age of 50 years”, he replied 6ix9ine. “I have not yet denied the paperwork. Let ME ALNENE ‘me you’re popping’”.

Finally, Snoop had already had enough. Issued a formal response to the claims of 6ix9ine in the comments of the advance of the film, explaining why 6ix9ine is completely wrong.

“N * ggaz know that I don’t have anything to do with the Gentleman’s Suggestion to have time to have the same lawyers,” wrote Snoop. “This [rat] coming to call me a snitch and for your information. What is more likely to issue the papers with which it works [cops]. Suge and I are on good terms now, so if I told you that we would never be great and that is a fact. Now proceed and watch the film stories, gossips and record a lil bitch @ 6ix9ine0fficial. I have the time “. 6ix9ine has not yet responded to the latest comments from Snoop.