Tachenko, The New Raemon adapt to the Spanish Nick Drake | Culture


The people of zaragoza, Tachenko and the people of The New Raemon have joined forces to interpret The man of the riverthe adaptation into Spanish of River Manof Nick Drake. An idea that came about two years ago, as the group of Zaragoza: “by the end of 2018, we received a call from Edu Pérez, responsible for the cycle of concerts Hypethat each season is celebrated in our city. We proposed to adapt all the songs of the Five Leaves Left, first album of Nick Drake: in 2019 would be fulfilled fifty years of its publication. I think the idea came about because months before we had adapted to the Spanish Suzannefrom Leonard Cohen, to interpret it along to León Benavente concert at the Teatro Principal of Zaragoza. Edu liked this version, and decided to think about this new challenge.”

During the Festival of Sacred Arts at Teatros del Canal of Madrid, the members Tachenko found The New Raemon, among others, and replicated the event in Zaragoza. Then, they commented with Ramon Rodriguez, the voice and guitar of the group in barcelona, the possibility of recording the song by Nick Drake: “In the dressing room of the Civic Center Delights, during the soundcheck of the second concert, we concluded that we could mix what we already had, because it sounded good as it was —although perdiésemos arrangements lap steel the always brilliant Javier Vicente had prepared for that night in Zaragoza—. That first recording is the one that we present now. His story is simple: send Ramon a audio WhatsApp playing Spanish guitar and keyboard, including lyrics adapted, and then the other, eliminating the voice, so that he could burn his own top. We sent it back: we didn’t know that a recording so hasty you could get a similar sound. And how well he sings Ramon, what a voice you have the amicwhat a thief.”

The song is mixed by Santi Garcia and mastered by Victor García in the study Grocery Costa Brava. Paula Bonet has designed the cover.

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