Tekashi 6ix9ine accuses Snoop Dogg of “snitch” and he defends (+REACTIONS)


After being released from prison, Tekashi 6ix9ine continues to cause controversy. And if Snoop Dogg I was not fed up of the rapper hair rainbow before, you may now, yes.

Since the rapper offender returned to the scene last week, Snoop has made clear that it does not approve the forms of theft 6ix9ine, or the celebration surrounding his return to the music.

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However, on Friday (may 15), Tekashi added fuel to the fire by accusing Snoop be a snitch, claiming that it served as an informant for the feds in the criminal case of rapper Suge Knight.

Initially, Snoop he responded with a clip of comedy as his character, Pimpin Silky, but after that 6ix9ine she refused to give up their claims, the rapper of 48-year-old decided not to ignore the situation and respond to it forcefully.

The interpreter of “What the hell” shared a video on his account of Instagram, by issuing a warning to 6ix9ine for me to leave him quiet for their own good while calling him “boy rat” and “p3rr4”.

“The last time you said something, I didn’t have time [para responderte]. But today I have time, Get out of my way child rat hair rainbow. In no way put your mi3rda on my way p3rra. Leave me alone”. Says Snoop in the video to what 6ix9ine then commented in the publication, “EXPLAINS YOUR PAPELEOOOOKKKK”.

Then, Snoop posted another video of a parody on 6ix9ine called “Tattle Tales” (The tail of a rat). Coming soon… the p3rra9 I mean Soplon9. I mean fuchlo of cuZblood”. Wrote the rapper in the title of the publication.

Then Tekashi answered in the publication: “This is fun for the bosses old all of them older than 50 years. The still I have not denied the paperwork. Let me QUIET ‘me you’re popping the cap’”.

Finally, Snoop already seemed fed up and issued a formal response to the claims of 6ix9ine in the comments of the trailer for the film, explaining why the interpreter of “Gooba” is completely wrong.

“You all know that I don’t have anything to do with that Suge Knight have time to have the same lawyers. This [rata] came to call me a snitch and for your information. What is more likely is that he drew up the papers with the that works with the [policías]. Suge and I are on good terms now, so if I told you that I would never be great and that is a fact [payaso]. Now continued and continues to watch the film stories, gossips and record small p3rr4 [arcoíris] @6ix9ine0fficial. I have the time”. Wrote Snoop

For now, 6ix9ine he has not responded to recent comments Snoopbut you can do it.

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