Ten facts you didn’t know about Anna Kendrick | Movies and Television


Anna Kendrick he got his first academy award nomination with only 25 years for his role Natalie Keener in Up in The Air (2009) the film that gave the replica to George Clooney. Far from adapting to the strict standards of behavior in Hollywood, the actress has become by own merits in one of the most deslenguadas of his generation, and his Twitter account is a source of continuous jokes and trending topics. This week has premiered the second part of Giving the Note and we take this opportunity to tell you ten data-curious, you sure you didn’t know about this interpreter.

#01 His first casting for a Broadway play I topped it with ten years. Appeared in the big city on a bus line and accompanied by his elder brother.

#02 Is the biggest fan on the earth The Strokes. So much so that you camped to get tickets and to get to be on the front row at the concert that offered in Portland, his native city.

#03 It is also a super fan of The Lord of the Rings and all the years you paste a binge of all the movies in their extended version.

#04 It is a submissive admirer of the style of Cate Blanchett.

#05 We pirran men with beards.

#06 Has was appreciated in the video of LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow. It’s all a hipster!

#07 Recorded Twilight and Up in the Air at the same time flying between a set and the other. It earned him as the object of the jokes of George Clooney.

#08 Learned of its nomination for the Oscar while practicing running at five in the morning.

#09 Your guilty pleasure food is Taco Bell. It is able to pick up your car in the middle of the night to be able to enjoy a full menu.

#10 Sometimes, as she has been in charge of confirm, offers interviews drunk to avoid the nerves as that which was offered to Marie Claire in 2014.