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Starlets with brush

Boredom and lack of exposure can be a combo explosive for certain celebrities, able to take desperate measures to get attention. At least, according to the newspaper The Times, reminiscent of how Gal Gadot and her friends destroyed “Imagine” by John Lennon, actresses like Margot Robbie and Drew Barrymore filmed a extrañísima sequence of fight at a distance, Jack Black, and Jennifer Lopez put the spoon narcissist in this universe a teenager named Tik Tok… “Now, however, we have reached a new phase terrifying: the actors show us your paintings”, shake middle English, looking at how networks have been flooded with works of stars. Sharon Stone shared a self-portrait in watercolor done in confinement. Jim Carrey returned to load the colorinches inks against Trump in an illustration where the president drink bleach. Reese Witherspoon has opened in the goodness of life. Demi Moore emerged as the vice in “nights of art”, in family and proof of this is the giraffe suit that are posted online. Sylvester Stallone, who from time to time the date painted wild explosions of color naked in your garage, hang up their work on Instagram. And they follow the examples, such as the mermaid psychedelic topless Pierce Brosnan who, noblesse oblige, is not new in the necessary pictorial: started out in the late 80s to relieve stress. Or Anthony Hopkins, who has exhibited paintings in repeatedly and even has a website exclusively dedicated to the hobby. “It is encouraging to discover that so many celebrities are taking the brushes. However, if you want to make the most of it, you must remember that what is important is the creation, not the result, not to expose it,” the art critic Rachel Campbell-Johnston who, by self-doubt, recommends to the stars: “do Not abandon the performance yet…”.

A literary voice on the phone

At this stage of the game, no one will be surprised by the return of a long-lived custom that came in franca chopped: the humble, reliable phone call. Habit that younger generations shied away until very recently, and have ended up succumbing because, at the end of the day, nothing beats the intimacy and calm of a human voice that comes straight to the ear, without the distractions that involve other forms as appealed, is the FaceTime, the video chat WhatsApp, is Skype, and so… Well, to tone with the revival of the stainless telefoneada, has inaugurated a proposal downright lovely in the lands of the charrúas, the work and grace of the Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo. The initiative is called Extreme Emergency, and so he explains what it is about the vaunted institution: “If you’re tired of reading on a screen, bored of watching series or simply you like that you read a story or enjoy a poetry, you can call us by phone, from a landline or a cell phone.” This unusual service, read on demand by line, is given in the framework of the celebrations for the National Day of the Book, which is celebrated on the 26th of may in Uruguay in commemoration of the anniversary of its first public library. It is already in force and will continue attending to “emergencies of readers” until the 29th of this month, as has been clarified Sara Vega, of the Library of the Cultural Center of Spain. Yes, there is that call Monday to Friday between 10 and 16 hours, before or after. “They can do the order all the times you want, it is unlimited,” says the aforementioned, and soon explains that, among the works available, there are texts of Mario Benedetti, Ana María Shua, Federico Garcia Lorca,… Eye, there is also an alternative for those who want to save the sleeves that it costs to dial abroad from Argentina: send a WhatsApp to the same number, +598 93509810, and studiously apply the reading in audio format. An initiative that, in the words of Vega, look for “pamper the senses” and ending with the tontolona notion “that only reads to the little ones”.

Half a day with Gollum

It took almost eleven hours, but he succeeded: the resilient british actor Andy Serkis, known for that voice metamorphic that gave life film the creature Gollum from J. R. R. Tolkien, he read cover to cover The hobbit in a long, long transmission live and direct. It happened last week at an event that he himself baptized Hobbitathon and is issued through the platforms of YouTube and Facebook. With great success, by the way, in both tuned in more than 650 thousand people. A huge amount of spectators from different parts of the globe, who were able to corroborate how a Serkis with chalequito, accompanied by the statue of the character, he fulfilled what was promised. Yes he did, reading from a flip the classic fantastic, 1937, without letting themselves be distracted by the power of the one Ring, barely stopping when it was strictly necessary; that is to say, when nature called… “Unite and together we will face the power of the trolls, travel to the magical Rivendell, we find the giant spiders in the labyrinths of Mirkwood, with the evil goblins that live among the roots of the Misty Mountains…”, it had been the tempting invitation of the artist, it is made available to such site for the purposes benefactors. The intention, after all, was for people to donate a few tickets to two charities associated to the public health of the United Kingdom, NHS Charities Together and New Beginnings, so as to contribute a granite of sand during this time of pandemic. It was not in vain for the titanic effort: the actor raised more than 290 thousand pounds sterling; and though not imitated the great voices of Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman, did grace that became famous: talk like Gollum when the lines as appropriate. It was evident that the fans were not going to resist…

Whole Lotta Love

When their beloved home in the exclusivísima Holland Park, the most expensive area of England with properties that go up to 62 times more than an average, the legendary Jimmy Page is still playing the same rope: to protect it at all costs. Well-known is the legal challenge that the guitarist of Led Zeppelin remained for more than five years with his neighbour Robbie Williams and that was just settled a few months ago, when the authorities finally gave the green light to the former Take That to remodel the basement of your house and build there a swimming pool and a gym. If the plans were long delayed it was for the formal complaints Page, indignadísimo to the mere possibility that the eventual vibration of the work would harm their gothic mansion of 1875, where he has lived since the beginning of the decade of 70, declared of historical interest by the English government. Studies came and went, and justice finally approved the project of Williams, who had to commit, that yes, to install equipment that will be monitoring for any vibration that could damage the sumptuous house Page. What up the theme here? For nothing, oh far from it! Because now Jimmy has started another dispute with another neighbor next simile reason: you do not see with good eyes that want to dig in to convert the basement into wine cellar, cinema room and space for yoga. The fear that the ornate interior of their gothic mansion to suffer the parts adjoining it has done so to take swift action on the matter, although it is to check smoke by go through the grind once more. “When I moved to this house, I promised myself that I would do everything possible to preserve it. That has not changed,” said the musician the past few days, closing with a passionate statement: “Living here carries a responsibility, it is necessary to protect the heritage!”.