The baby Alex Morgan is expected: bike ride, pregnant 41 weeks


The little heir is doing expect: Alex Morgan it has already gone out of the accounts and the birth of their daughter, initially planned for the month of April, you will be eventually in the newly released may.

Professional and competitive where the hague, the charismatic footballer american has not stopped training since last October she and her husband Servando Carrasco announced that they will be parents for the first time.

Alex, 30 years old, had planned to participate in the olympic tournament of Tokyo-2020 as a new mom, but with the postponement of the Games to 2021 there is no longer emergency.

Second in the FIFA The Best and third in the Golden ball female 2019, Morgan has led a very active life in confinement by the new coronavirus, and this Friday even walking a bike near your home.

So what has shown in your Instagram Stories, with the legend ‘The life while pregnant 41 weeks’.

Alex Morgan, with her niece, Liv. PHOTO: CATCH @alexmorgan13