The best: Mariah Carey joined the Dolly Parton’s Challenge and included pictures with their ex-partners


The singer joined the game to share the ups and downs of different social networks, and included pictures with their ex-partners. Credit: Instagram

A few days ago, the Twitter account of

Mariah Carey

was hacked, and the singer spent a lousy time

. For 30 minutes, its more than 20 million followers to read content, racist and insulting


from your profile, until finally the singer was finally able to regain control of their profile on the social network.

Now, the american artist used his Twitter account to join the


a meme in which users compare the vicissitudes of their various social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Tinder, and Instagram. The idea of the game is to contrast the way in which they all show different facets (a more familiar, another, more professional, more fun, and another, more seductive) in accordance with the platform on which they are located.

To the surprise of his followers, the singer participated in the


viral and were encouraged to include photos with their ex-partners. While in the box corresponding to Linkedin to be seen shaking the hand of

Tommy Mottola

the entrepreneur in the music industry with the one that was married, on the of Facebook you can see her next to her ex-husband and father of their two children,

Nick Cannon

, showing his facet more maternal. In the meantime, the box on Instagram, she is tied to

Bryan Tanaka

the dancer with which it is in partner at present. Finally, in the box of Tinder, the social network to get intimate, you can see her posing very sexy in bikini,