The concerts of the morning in the shower


If we can’t go to concerts these days, why not build one with good music and our voice in the shower in the morning?

There is No better scenario to test our musical talents to the shower.

It is the perfect space to let ourselves be carried away, to allow our voice to match the noise of the water, to make that music that keeps us company in the mornings.

And, even though our voice is not that of Pavarotti, the rows of bottles of shampoo that make of hearing do not complain.

That is why we have compiled a list of songs that make the setlist perfect for your concert morning.

It is a mix that allows us to show all our skills as an artist, of which other musicians would be envious.

We can evoke the softness of the notes of Lordebut when the public asks for it we can put all the strength and emotion required of the songs of Queen or Katy Perry.

We can be as romantic as a rock Juanes, as sharp as the pop of Ariana Grande.

And we can finish our big presentation with a song that touches us to the bottom, as the songs of the canadian singer Shawn Mendes: from your song that is a hymn to unrequited love, Stitchesuntil their seductive presentation along with Camila Cabello in the song Miss.

After all the quarantine and isolation will be pretty unlikely to go to a concert, then why not build one every morning with the best music?

You can listen to this playlist at:

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