The easter egg Spider-Man 3 that no one noticed


You could say that the trilogy of the spider-made by director Sam Raimi, was the saga superheroica that began the great era of adaptations of comics in the film. Though Spider-Man 3 it was not as well received, is still revisited by the fans and for proof, the fact that thirteen years after its premiere, one of them has managed to capture a easter egg that no one had noticed before.

It is a small detail that you may not have a great importance for the plot, but shows the great dedication and commitment, which director Sam Raimi turned over within this trilogy.

During a sequence of the film, the camera comprises a flat closed that focuses on the right-hand side of Peter Parker, who shows up to the height of the wrist, an obvious scar, which belongs to the spider bite that started it all.

Spider-Man 3 easter egg

In Spider-Man in 2002, the chandelier in the laboratory Osborn falls in the hand of Peter when he takes a picture of Mary Jane with your camera. The spider bite is located in the exact same place that the scar shown in the third installment.

This detail was posted by a fan in Reddit and many of the comments claiming to feel bad for looking down on the movie, being that this keeps within itself details a very special and nostalgic that show the dedication of Raimi to carry them out.

Spider-Man 3 he suffered from a production-whooping when the study demanded Raimi modify the script of the film in order to be able to incorporate more villains in the character, among them Venom. The filmmaker gave way, and the result was a film, poorly developed with three villains that never shone alone, or in conjunction.

Despite this history, the first two films are remembered as part of the best within the adaptations of comics to film. So much so that many fans yearn for the return of Tobey Maguire with the character, especially now that the multiversos have been introduced in the current Movie Universe of Marvel.

Spider-Man 3 easter egg

Previously had already emerged rumors and attempts to carry out a crossover between the three Peter Parker known film, but no official confirmation has emerged so far.

For his part, Sam Raimi is a strong candidate to return to the world of superheroes now that has emerged with the almost confirmation of his work in the director’s chair for the second installment of Doctor Strange.

Meanwhile Tom Holland prepares to return to the character, in the third installment of the new Spider-Man, which supposedly starts filming in July of this year.