The fashion of the “Do it yourself”


There have been many who, with knowledge of sewing, have made their own masks. EFE/EPA/Heiko Junge NORWAY OUT NORWAY OUT

It is the case of the “DIY” (English, “Do It Yourself”) or “Do it yourself”. A trend increasingly on the rise that is particularly associated with the diy and decorating, but that covers all sectors and disciplines: hairdressing, cosmetics, cooking, fashion, art, gardening, crafts, music, fitness… The only requirement is, as the name indicates, do something for yourself.
Now, in the wake of the quarantine in several countries by the crisis of the coronavirus, have proliferated various ideas of “DIY”, some supported by “influencers” and celebrities that have done challenges, viral, or shown all of his talent. And, in addition, a practice that encourages the three rs: reduce, recycle, and reuse.


Get to dye a alone is a great boldness, if not it has been done before, according to experts. EFE/Marcelo Sayão

One of the things that people most atreviendo to join the “DIY” is in the care of the hair. For example, not being able to go to their hairdressers usual, are quite a few who are trying to cut or dye her hair at home and to share the result with your social networks… even Though not everyone does equally well.
And it is that, while there are those who seem to have the talent to be highlighted or cut the hair into layers; there are those who manage to damage when you try to fixed the bangs, have a shaven head, or put on the dye.
And not even celebrities are protected from falling into temptation: the singer Pink, for example, shared in his Instagram a video of his irregular court result: “hair Cuts and alcohol. Journal of quarantine,” he wrote.
For his part, the actor and writer Mark Agee showed through Twitter as there are those who, instead of with their own heads, to experiment with their pets, to share a photo that your neighbor had done to “get the hair cut to your dog”, in his own words: “the coronavirus has low unexpected,” he said in a humorous way.
With anecdotes so it is not surprising that even the stylists of some famous shared advice and warnings. Annagjid “Kee” Taylor, who is famous as the actress Nafessa Williams or singer Keke Palmer, should their manes, explained to Yahoo Life in the following way.
“When it comes to dying your hair, it is always best to continue with what one is accustomed to,” he said, and argued: “if you are someone used to color your hair by yourself usually, great! But, if you normally dyed by a professional and you want to try to do it yourself during this quarantine, probably stress them to your stylist when you go back to your chair.”
In a similar vein, Michael Ribbed, expert in hair coloring that is behind the distinctive “look” capillary “Rachel” from “Friends” (the protagonist embodied by the actress Jennifer Aniston) strongly discouraged “to have the reflexes and wicks for themselves.” In its place it suggests “use a color corrector, temporary to cover the roots, and that in his beauty salon can continue where it was”.


The designer Julian Zigerli shows a t-shirt made in time of coronvirus. EFE/EPA/ALEXANDRA WEY

One of the things that many are atreviendo to customize or to do by themselves, is the clothes. If last year the trend “tie-dye” (pronounced “tie-dye”), consisting of customized garments (especially t-shirts) through colours with the japanese technique of dyeing “shibori”, and knots, swept… The quarantine has again been on the rise.
In fact, “Instagrammers” and “influencers” as Dulceida, Laura Escanés, Alexandra Pereira, Marta Lozano, Maria Pombo, or Monica Moz, have shared photos wearing clothes of this style. Even the singer Shakira has made her a t-shirt with this technique to his son Milan.
Other celebrities, such as actress Millie Bobby Brown, actor Chris Pratt, the model and singer Victoria Beckham or actress Sofia Richie, also have photographs in which they wear clothing “tie-dye”.
Even some brands and stores are now offering clothing that is inspired by this trend, such as Louis Vuitton and his collection for summer “LV Scale”, whose garments are reminiscent of the “shibori” japanese.
But, will there be any brand that dares to draw clothing inspired by the other challenge viral fashion “DIY” of this quarantine? Only a key word: pillow.
And is that several famous have joined the challenge “#PillowChallenge”, consisting in turning a pillow into a piece of clothing.
The actress Halle Berry, the mexican singer Ana Bárbara, the “influencer” Spanish Dulceida, the presenter cuban-american Raul de Molina, or the actress Anne Hathaway are some of the names of those who have shared in their networks, photos proving the “Pillow Challenge”.
Other trends to customize the clothes are, for example, cut the jeans of straw to turn them into “meshes of cycling” and other fashion garments for this season. The technique consists of cutting normally to the height of the knee and, sometimes, leaving them frayed.
Is also on the rise to convert the “blazer” male and widths in “crop tops” (coats, jackets and boleros) female with the help of much grace and a pair of scissors.
Perhaps with the idea of to be able to wear these garments made in a “craft” for yourself at home, the trend in the last few weeks especially is to train. In fact, there has been an increase in the purchase of sporting goods, according to Woman magazine.
And is that, according to the data published in “”, the sale of bikes “indoor”, both the static and the elliptical trainers, has increased by more than 400% on average during the first days of the confinement. For its part, the increase of acquisition of weights was and a 211%.
By Nora Cifuentes.

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