The franchise of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ disappointed Andrew Garfield: here’s why


Is the classic version of Tobey Maguire about Peter Parker. Then it was the turn of Andrew Garfield as the launcher of networks, and finally the continuous race of Tom Holland as the protégé of Tony Stark. In summary, many actors have faced the beloved Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield attends the screening of “Under The Silver Lake” | Rodin Eckenroth / .

Although we have seen some different embodiments of the character, not all actors of Spidey have the most positive experience. On the one hand, Andrew Garfield arrived at the franchise of The Amazing Spider-Man, all bright eyes and bushy tail, but it was “the broken heart”. During an interview with Amy Adams for Variety’s Actors on Actors, Garfield explained why, as a fan of the character, you felt betrayed as we progressed to the series.

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Andrew Garfield in the franchise of Marvel’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”

While working on Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was still a bit new to the world of the show, and probably a little naive. In summary, the value given to the money, often on the character and the narrative, was probably not a challenge that I had faced personally. However, Spider-Man would change that. While working on The Amazing Spider-Man, learned that the “top of the list of priorities” is not always what you want it to be: the art itself. He explained to Amy Adams:

I found it very, very complicated. I signed up to serve the story, and to serve this amazing character that I’ve been wearing since I was three years old, and then commits and breaks your heart, ” he said. It broke my heart a little bit to a certain point.


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Andrew Garfield grew up adoring Spider-Man; grew up disguised as the character and pretended to shoot webs from his wrists.

Andrew Garfield had to accept one of the qualities most disappointing of Hollywood while working on the franchise of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Garfield not only learned one of the most difficult lessons that Hollywood often teaches an artist, but also had to learn that through a character close to her heart, a character that I loved and admired since childhood.

Spidey was a hero who longed to emulate. And then, when everything was excited for the peach, and he was in the costume of truth, those who were behind the production, they sacrificed the art for the sequels to make money, and potential problems related to the franchise, as argued by ScreenRant.

In the end, Hollywood is a business, and this fact sometimes causes the material to “compromise”, as it says Garfield. Maybe if Garfield had more of a voice in the whole affair, his career as Peter Parker would have been a little more appreciated, as many argue that the movies of Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland competing for the best dog.

Adams continued by noting that it deals with a similar struggle when he plays Lois Lane in the Superman movies directed by Henry Cavill. Unfortunately, Lois often serves the film, the narrative, rather large, and it never gets to boast of a history that “serves the character.” Instead, she is simply a character that serves the story. Despite all of the love that Adams feels for Lois Lane, the fact is difficult to accept. Although their problems are different, they overlap, because they both see aspects of his art, and aspects that yearn to see in ten times, wrong.