The incredible gift of Miley Cyrus for the graduates of the ‘Class 2020’ that could not be festival

The singer has been particularly active in social networks since the onset of the contingency

Through their social networks, the famous Miley Cyrus decided to give an incredible gift to your followers that this year culminated their studies of High School or College and they were not able to celebrate it properly for the current circumstance of coronavirus.

To celebrate herself, the interpreter of ‘Slide Away’ he shared a brief video where directed emotive words and then singing one of his biggest hits: The Climb.

The singer explains that the reason for choosing that tune in particular is because just speaks of overcoming, of motivation, of struggling to get out of the difficult circumstances… “scale”.

With more than three million views on Instagramthe fans did not let the opportunity pass to thank you and to say the the inspires with her words and with her art.