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A young man has amazed a number of users of social networks because of the strong resemblance it has with the british actress, Emilia Clarke.

It is a chilean 22-year-old, who was identified as Javiera Lopeza user that performs various video application-Tik Tok, which have become viral thanks to its incredible characterization.

Jamie reinterprets certain extracts of the films that he has starred in Clarke, between them ‘‘Me before you,” and “Game of thrones”.

As indicated BioBioChile, the idea of making this kind of videos emerged thanks to comments from nearby, who expressed that it was a lot like the actress.

“Since I was in fourth means (I spoke of the resemblance), but when I went to the U I took into consideration what I said, because it was already a lot of people. But I did not dare to do cosplay or something like that due to lack of time, and fear on part of it wrong“drew radio BioBio.

Despite their doubts, the young man took advantage of the quarantine by a coronavirus and was finally able to imitation, adding up to over 9 thousand followers on Tik Tok and 2,000 on Instagram.


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