The lost empire” for his 20 years

Madrid, 16 may (EFE).- Disney has officially announced this Saturday on his web site that will be restored for the coming year, with the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its premiere on cartoon, the tape family “Atlantis: The lost empire”.

The giant mouse explains on its website that, despite being in the break all productions of Disney, “the ideas continue to emerge” and announce “officially” the development of the ‘live-action’ of “Atlantis”.

Released in 2001, the tape is a favorite of the public, and on more than one occasion it has been proposed to perform your version with actors of flesh and bone, and return to take her to the cinema screens.

By now there are very few details disclosed, it is not yet known who will direct this new film, or the producers, and most importantly, who will be the protagonists Milo Thatch and Kida.

However, Disney neither confirms, nor denies, that you are going to take into account the requests of the fan who want to Tom Holland and Zendaya in the lead roles.

Thus, “Atlantis: The lost empire” would join the list of movies that Disney has created in recent years on their titles recognized.

Before the pandemic, it is usual that the big companies do this kind of announcements about their new movies in forums such as D23 or Comic-con, but because both events have been cancelled for the current contingency, Disney has chosen to disclose on its website this product that you will be working in the next few years. EFE