“The public also needs to respect the actors’: Anna Kendrick


Since he made his debut on Broadway at age 12 and was nominated for Tony for her participation in the musical High SocietyAnna Kendrick (Portland, Maine, 1985), has not stopped working. Ensures that has been lucky and has tried to build his career on a rule that considers gold: do not retrace their own steps. Anna got a nomination for an Oscar for his performance as an executive unkind to discover the compassion in the melodrama Up in the Airwith George Clooney, then became a member of the cast of the saga youth Twilight, where embodied the role of Jessica, the confidant of Bella Swann, and was also a Cinderella peculiar in the film version of the musical of Sondheim In the forestthat put it at the height of Meryl Streep.

Kendrick is a woman who works with lots of ambitions. Some point out that perhaps the character that most resembles her in real life is that the executive who made the orders Jason Reitman, and she doesn’t seem to be in disagreement. “There’s the notion that if you do this you always have to be good and be well… it Is true that you should respect and gratitude to the audience because they pay to see you in the cinema, but I think that it is a two-way street: it also must have respect of the public towards the actors.”

The actress has managed to establish itself as a star and lead tape blockbuster. In 2012, she starred in Perfect notes, a comedy about a choir a capella of young women, and now he returns in the inevitable sequel of the tape The more perfect notesas the leader of the choir of the Barden Bellas. This tape of the summer, with a cast primarily women, shows that women are not second-class citizens in the commercial cinema.

What was irresistible to return to play Becca? You did not like to make sequels…

Yes, I know. It is difficult to refuse to do papers because for me I like working, but for a long time I had been offered identical things to what was already done before, so I had to be flexible. If I was going to re-do a character, I liked that it was a film that not only I knew I was going to like it; it is a movie and a character that I liked a lot the first time and this time I was not bound by contract (as happened in Twilight and its aftermath, which has been declared before, you don’t like). I did it because I wanted to.

Was there any moment that dudaras to do it again?

Well, yes, of course I had doubts on repeat, but if I’m honest it was something that I did because all of the original cast, all the girls, as Rebel Wilson or Brittany Snow, agreed to do a second part and I thought that, in the end, it would be at least a way to do my work and have fun at the same time.

How you imagined the success that was going to have this sequel, which was even superior to the previous one?

My job is not to be pending the outcome of the box office of any film that you make, it’s something important, but for me it is not primary. I do not sign to do a film thinking “I’m going to make a lot of money with this” or “I’m going to see up in Japan”… anyway see you in Japan and if you are lucky, there is a good deal and there’s more money. I do the things I do because I want to. Because I like or interest me in any way. That’s why I put this same year a musical low-budget so-called The last five years. It is not a film great, and perhaps will go unnoticed. It is also true that this saga I faced much less pressure than the first, because then no one knew if the formula was going to be interested in, and there were things in the game. Now we were all on safe ground.

What influenced something that the film is now directed by a woman (the debut behind-the-scenes of the actress Elizabeth Banks)?

In part yes, of course. I like that Elizabeth is now director. There is not much equality of opportunities for women behind the camera, and has scored a homerun with this, I’m happy. Because it also means that there will be more opportunities for women in other aspects of the film industry. And I am in favor of any change that is for good.

How did you find the plot, a mix of toilet humor, romance, youth and adventures of friends?

I think that it is okay. We are adults. And if a man can make you laugh with fart jokes and do not take this the wrong way, why is a woman yes? I laughed quite working in the film and singing, something that I really like. I prefer the humor more adult, less graphic, but I understand that it is a film for young people, although I was a bit surprised to read that the public who saw in the united States was male. I think you have already accepted that a long time ago women are just as funny on screen as they.

This summer has been “femeninio” for you, for the success of Spy, and the next female version of ‘Ghostbusters’.

There it is. I think we are on a good way and are good times. I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I believe in the equality of opportunities. So this is very good. And that men lose their prejudice of seeing films made by women, with a cast of women mainly. It is good because that means there will be more interest and more movies made by, and intended for, the two of us and that all kinds of public will be able to enjoy them, because the female characters are not just the girlfriend, the sister, the wife or mother of the protagonist of the film.

But would you say that you like to make you laugh.

And laugh also! Many times I can see the comedies dumb that there is and I don’t care. Even I see them several times. I can also do a dramatic role and I love the films of Meryl Streep, for example. It is an inspiration, the truth.

What your plan is to stay in the cinema? Maybe go back to the theatre, or to do tele…?

No. Television does not. I have had many offers of tv series and things like that, but I rejected. Although it would seem a safe bet because there were people solvent involved, all have ended up as a failure or void. Always something in my gut tells me when something is not right, so what I’m going to take a risk. What is true is that I don’t know very well if in the background, the same is a prejudice, I don’t want to do it. Perhaps it is that I have not been offered anything that I want, I don’t know. The theatre yes I would very much like to come back, because I started there and I love it.

You are now the protagonist of a franchise blockbuster, as Sigourney Weaver in the eighties and nineties.

But no way I’m as good an actress as Sigourney. I’d love to, but will not, I am not at the heels. I think that what happened with the first tape, and with this saga, was that the characters of Becca, Chloe, Amy la gorda, all of them, in some way we arrive at the viewer and it has been great. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m not scared. I’ve worked a lot since I was little and I’m not going to stop doing it.