The request of for a soothing Amber Heard of Aquaman


With more than a billion of revenue in all the world, Aquaman not only became one of the five films seen, 2018 but also on the highest-grossing of all the DC universe. Even the editorial of the comic and mother of other superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman was surprised with the unexpected public success of the first adaptation of the adventures of king atlas, with a cast led by Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. But what should be a peaceful way towards the long-awaited second installment, which will begin its production next year, it has been found with the unexpected obstacle of a legion of internet users who demand that their female protagonist is not part of the project.

More than 37,000 signers have added so far, through the platform Change.orgto a petition that claimed that Amber Heard is farewell Aquaman 2. Why? His controversial relationship with his ex, the actor Johnny Depp. “Heard has been reflected as an abusive domestic”ensures the header of the contention that signing a user named Jeanne Larson. “In their demand for $ 50 million, Depp described several incidents of abuse in which you have been a victim of his then wife, including one in which she hit two punches in the face and another in which he smashed his finger with a bottle of vodka, needing surgery to be able to rebuild it. Will carry that scar for the rest of your life.”

Depp and Heard kept a romantic relationship between 2012 and 2016. Photo: Getty

The initiative based its arguments on the facts alleged –not proven– by the lawyers of Depp in the complaint, filed last march against the actress for alleged ill-treatment and defamation, scolding up to 45 million euros as compensation. The three-times Oscar-nominated argues that the young of 33 years old, he stubbed a lit cigar on the cheek and throwing a bottle of glass caused a cut on the finger that made him “fear for his life”. This episode is the last of a long legal battle that began in the wake of his divorce in the spring of 2016when Heard asked for a restraining order and reported to Depp by ill-treatment. Both came to an agreement a few months after, by which the actor promised to pay his ex more than six million euros, amount that this donated in their entirety to a children’s hospital of Los Angeles. Since then, the environment of an actor mired in bankruptcy and immersed in different fronts legal, has not slackened in its efforts to demonstrate that the violent in the relationship she was.

The application, which is full of false information and inaccuracies, he also argues that Heard exhibits a “pattern of abuse”, referring to an episode in 2009 in which he was arrested for an alleged assault on his partner of that time, Tasya Van Ree. However, it was the same photographer that issued a release relieving your ex of any fault, ensuring that “Amber was charged mistakenly for an incident that was misinterpreted and hipersensacionalizado for two individuals in a position of power”, in reference to the police proceeded to the arrest. “It is disheartening that the integrity and the history of Amber to return to be questioned again. It’s a bright woman, honest and beautiful, for which I have the highest respect,” added Van Ree.

This recent and your successful collection of signatures is but one more proof of the cross-macho who chases Heard in the last few years. The elapsed time, your testimony, or the evidence charts the facts –images in which he showed his bruised face and videos answered with aggressive behavior of your interpreter, do not seem sufficient to consider as a victim credible to those who dared to come down from olympus to one of the biggest stars of the recent movies. “Should be in jail for what he has done”, “you have to realize that it is not untouchable”, “slut liar” or “the cast of Hollywood” are some of the comments that the signatories will dedicate themselves to Heard.

As she herself told in a letter published in The Washington Postafter reporting to Depp, was not long in arriving retaliation. In addition they are forced to change their phone number every week for the numerous death threats he received, suffered in the first-person months of ostracism, professional. A signature of fashion for that was ambassador dispensed with his services and he lost a role in a film that he decided to replace it by another actress without justification by. “Many friends and advisors told me it would never work, that I get on a black list. The most frequently asked question was whether I would be able to maintain my role as a Mere in The justice league and Aquaman”.

Amber Heard and Jason Momoa, in a frame of ‘Aquaman’. Photo: Warner Bros

According to the multi-million dollar revenue achieved, it seems that the makers of the film did well in continuing with her as the warrior atlantean Mera, but this recent initiative requires to Warner Bros and DC “erase” to Heard of Aquaman 2. “Must not ignore the suffering of their victims and glamurizarla. Men are also victims of violence, both as women. They have to take measures to ensure that a abusive is not held by the entertainment industry,” concludes Jeanne Larson in a letter addressed to the communication officers of separate companies.

Or the movie studio, nor the publisher, nor the actress herself have been expressed on the matter of the petition viral. At this time, Heard has not only managed to overcome a career that seemed destined for the ouster but has emerged as one of the main faces of different social movements. Is an advocate for the #MeToo (he confessed that he had been the victim of sexual abuse in his college days), LGBT rights, and the immigration problem, which identifies in a very special way to have been born near the border between Mexico and the united States and speak perfect Spanish. While the union between incels and fans leave from a breast of Johnny Depp trying to boycott his upcoming projects with arguments not tested, Heard has become the first american actress to be named Human Rights Champion by the Office of the United Nations for Human Rights. Before Aquaman 2that will not come to the boards until 2022, the young 33-year-old will star in the series adaptation of the Stephen King novel, Revelation.

More than 35,000 signatures demanding that Amber Heard to stop playing a warrior of atlantis Mera. Photo: Warner Bros