The series and films that you should not miss if you love the style of BMW and Mini


James Bond

James Bond, the agent most well-known film, performed some of his feats in BMW cars. In The golden eye, the seventeenth film in the series, starring Pierce Brosnan in the role of the agent, appears in the spectacular BMW Z3, launched exclusively for this production.

In the nineteenth delivery, The world is not enoughJames Bond travels to Bilbao, Spain, to claim the money from Sir Robert King, an oil industry and a personal friend of M, to a swiss bank. The agent achieves its mission on board of a BMW Z8.

The Hire

In this mini-series of action of three seasons, launched by BMW Group in 2001, Clive Owen, who is called ‘the driver’, he embarks on various adventures on BMW cars. Currently all the episodes are available on YouTube.


In this film, starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, are four copies Mini Cooper S three-door. In the development of the plot, the vehicles of the british brand are involved in spectacular chases.