Video Mia Khalifa responds to criticism of showing off hot body


The beautiful Mia Khalifa has responded with a video after the countless criticisms about her physical that have emerged on social networks over the past few days.

Internet users have noted that they are concerned by the famous because it looks “extremely thin,” and are afraid to suffer from a disease.

In the face of these rumors, Khalifa did not remain silent, and showed that it is more than proud of the transformation of your body.

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The model has responded in the best way, showing her body in a video in which he appears with a short sporty quite short and a little top sports to nothing to hide their enormous attributes.

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What is more evident is that Mia Khalifa has an abdomen that is very strong, as looks quite marked; probably what is cause for concern in their followers are their thin arms.

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Alongside the images, the famous shared a message in which makes clear that it is not thin, if not strong, and invites others to do exercise.

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I am not skinny, I am strong. If you have a disdain so strong through my body that forces you to comment on it publicly, it stops following me. Or, novel idea, but listen to me: stop hate yourself and get your weak rear in the gym.