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The plot of the case of the rapper, new york of mexican origin 6ix9ine coupled with ever more twists and turns, accusations and crimes. His career, towering aztec for having patented a particular aesthetic gansteril and colorful in their rap songs dark, near the trap or the crunkcore, was interrupted by one of the judgments of the most talked-about these days in the united States.

Here, we detail the step-by-step way of 6ix9ine up to their statements most recent before a federal court. The story is a tremendous film, and for reading eating crispetas.

Who is Tekashi 6ix9ine?

His real name is Daniel Hernandez. He was born and grew up in the city of New York, in Brooklyn, but his mother is mexican and his father was puerto rican. Is 23 years old and, while today is more known in the world by his mane of multicolored, their tattoos in the face and messes court, his career as a rapper took off in 2017 when it launched one of its simple most popular, Gummo. His style, in general, is the rap dark, crunkcore gansteril and full of screams, while in Latin america it is most known for a song in collaboration with the reggaetonero Anuel AA, Baby.

In the clip Gummo it is anticipated all that is now at stake in court: gang, drugs, weapons, and aiding and abetting. His most recent disc, Dummy Boy, it was premiered just before being taken to prison in 2018, and included collaborations with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

The first trouble judicial

Hernandez grew up on the margins of poverty in New York city. He did not know his biological father and his stepfather was murdered when he was a child. From a very young age and got involved with gangs and was dedicated to selling drugs, but your first legal process occurred in 2015, when he pleaded guilty of sexual abuse. According to his testimony, he invited a 13 year-old girl to a party with a group of friends to record some videos. Then he appeared, next to her, without clothes, in videos distributed over the internet.

However, when the incident occurred, the rapper was also under age, so it was judged as such. Only had to spend a few months in prison and was on probation for four years. That condition would exacerbate the charges for which he was arrested later.

Shootings, gangs and robberies

In 2018, while 6ix9ine was with Kanye West in a mansion rented to record a video, came from a video in which the security team of 6ix9ine tries to shoot him. As told later, he discovered that his team members were robándolo and had planned to assassinate him if he did not meet with the following dates of his tour. 6ix9ine changed his security team and everything started to get complicated.

It is same year they tried to kidnap him, but he managed to escape. The video was leaked recently.

Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods

In November of 2018 6ix9ine he was arrested again with charges more accurate. As reported by Pitchfork in his time, a research of 5 years involved the rapper with a gang known as the Nine Trey Bloods.

Is accused 6ix9ine of being involved in an armed robbery in April of 2018. When his crew attacked a member of rival gang at gunpoint, the rapper allegedly sat in a vehicle nearby and filmed the whole incident. In addition, the items stolen appeared in his house.

His manager and two other members of his artistic team/gang, were also processed by similar charges, such as possession of weapons and involvement in shootouts with rival gangs.

Tekashi the gangster against his gang

In February of this year it was revealed that 6ix9ine accepted eight charges and offered to cooperate with the government by giving information of his gang, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Tekashi accepted that he helped the gang members to kill a rival to “improve its own position” and also admitted that he “paid a person to shoot a member of rival gang” to scare him, it was the rapper Chief Keef. In addition, he told the judge that the gang is involved in “shoot people, rob people, and, sometimes, the traffic of drugs.”

Of this cooperation agreement, it was learned recently, it was obtained the information for imputing charges to your manager, who received a sentence of 15 years. The rapper had to be moved to a maximum security prison, away from your gang members and rival gangs.

In the declarations came to mention, even, to the young rapper Cardi B, to whom he pointed out as the funding body.

The full cooperation of Hernandez with the law, apparently, would mean a huge reduction of his sentence, which was provided in 47 years. By the information given could be released in 2020. But the price of its cooperation, for your safety, at least in New York, is in danger for having betrayed their gang.

What was the role of 6ix9ine in the gang?

According to one of his statements, most recent, 6ix9ine was something like an investment of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. His role in the gang was to make money and repartírselo among the members of the group.

He also stated that he joined the gang of “aesthetics”. He told the court he wanted the members of Nine Trey appeared in Gummo and his career was in debt with them.

How goes the case?

The decision you have to take now 6ix9ine is whether they will host or not to the program of protection of witnesses. If you do, you should leave his name, his career and erased the tattoos. Otherwise, you will have to afford their safety and the safety of your family.


The judge in the case of Tekashi agreed to render its judgment on 18 December 2019. Although the rapper is facing more than 40 years in prison, the more likely it is that it is free in 2020 by the agreement made in exchange for information. In the meantime, while you are detained, it was learned that he signed a record contract for $ 10 million with the record label 10K Projects. Promised to record two albums in English and one in Spanish. In addition to a tour of the United States.