What you never saw: Look at all the stuff that makes Shakira behind the scenes Is amazing!


In the social networks is viralizado an interesting video of a concert of Shakira, in which she appears as the protagonist of a kind of blooper That you can’t miss it for anything!

The 43-years of age, Shakira has managed to create a way very solid in his artistic career, thanks to his image and his incredible essence so unique, which are impregnated in each concert she performs.

As you well know, your beloved husband Pique the supports in absolutely all of his decisions, and gives its opinion when the artist requires it, but there are certain moments where the famous must act completely alone to face challenges that he faced in his career.

All the concerts of Shakira are supervised and touched up by it, as to be able to offer a perfect concert, it is necessary that it project what you want to show to their millions of fans.

In this short video Shakira was offering a major concert of their memorable tour call “The sun rises”in the same appears the famous maquillandose and arreglandose in a matter of minutes, Without any type of help! I had to go super fast to the stage.

This video has been very interesting to your followers, as on more than one occasion often arises the question about how will the artist behind scenario? Or if there will be hundreds of stylists around the singer to always be perfect.

In this case, Shakira showed us that not always is usually true, or at least not for her.