When Chicago won the Eurobest and Mariah Carey presented the award


The nostalgia dosmilera seems to be more in vogue than ever. With a barrage of ‘reality shows’ and programs of the time, opting for the reinvention and to push back on our television schedules, we have decided to pull newspaper archive to relive great ‘highlits’ that marked our adolescence. Among these memories, unfairly, is not the victory of Chicago at the Festival Eurobest, musical event that was held on march 25, 2003 in Cannes, France, and which brought together the cream of the crop of the various academies european ‘Operation triumph’ produced by Endemol, the production company responsible for carrying out this particular Eurovision ‘triunfitos’. Our representative for the first edition —there was only two editions in total— was the interpreter of ‘When you go’, that although he belonged to ‘OT 2001’ was chosen to go in the name of Spain. Why? By then, Ainhoa Cantalapiedra, winner of ‘OT 2002’, was recovering from a recent operation of the vocal cords, while Beth, ranked second, are getting ready to go to Eurovision song contest that same year. Manuel Carrasco, who obtained the third place, it is not even proposed. Something quite consistent taking into account the environment ‘holiday’ that was the quote.

The dynamic was as risky as implausible: each academy ‘OT’ would send its winner to demonstrate in front of the whole of Europe who was the best ‘triunfito’ of the continent. Or in the best of our fantasies. As it was evident, came with the subject most emblematic of its competition. In the case of Chicago, the song “Its’ Raining Men” of the duo The Weather Girls. When it came his turn, he danced, he took out vozarrón and put legs up the enclosure. There still is passing the mic from hand to hand with the salt shaker, but those were other times. During the ceremony also he shared the stage with then-star youth Alizée. Next to this he sang in French, as a good legend frenchspeaking proved to be. However, the ‘performance’ that gave you the vitoria told with an anecdotal mishap solved in a natural way: your maxicinturón is hooked to the t-shirt rack of a dancer (which by the way, was nailed to Miguel Ángel Muñoz), and you had just been falling during the performance. This was the momentazo.

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Mariah Carey awarded to Chicago that he returned to Spain to be the winner of Eurobest

A stage show that included choreography, group, high boots fine tip, and bandanas in the hair. All excess dosmilero that today, times of reggaeton, makes us shed a lagrimilla. Every effort deserved a penalty when, after the counting of points, Chicago was the brand new winner of the date with 145 points. The artist went up to the stage where, among the confetti, it was Mariah Carey smiling at the side of his prize. An award that, according to the face of Chicago, he had to weigh quite a bit. Despite the fantasy that this whole event was, TVE not issued the gala, which ended up broadcast in the late ‘channel OT’, where the most diehard fans of the ‘talent show’ were engrossed this milestone pop. Spain, to this day, not forgotten.

According to the EFE agency for more than 17 years, the words of the artist behind the victory were: “This is too much for me, until now, he had never won anything in my life”. He was mistaken: for that then had already been done with all of our hearts.

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