Why initially fans of ‘Twilight’ didn’t want Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen?


There is something more damaging to the reputation of a film a bad review by a critic, and that are the fans that will not accept an actor in the starring role of his film favorite. That is why it has been revealed that when he was selected to star along with Kristen Stewart ‘Twilight’, the fans didn’t want Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

All the fans of ‘Twilight’ have been very passionate about the novels and films, and despite the fact that today support Robert Pattinson in any role in which the actor participatesthere was a time in which things were not this way.

The novels written by Stephenie Meyer came out in 2005, and with this was born a bestseller, where the studio Summit Entertainment saw a window of opportunity to turn it into a franchise. The central storyline revolved a romance between the vampire Edward Cullen and his forbidden love with the mortal Bella Swan. The novels of ‘Twilight’ they were well received. But thanks to the movies, was when he built a fan base strong.

Returning to the novels, when the fans want a character that only exists in the pages of a book, it is not uncommon that they do not accept the idea of seeing someone else giving life to your favourite character. And that was the case for the fans of ‘Twilight’ with Edward Cullen. Before the start of the process of casting, Meyer shared that her vampire perfect was Henry Cavill, but never specifically anything with the actor.

After a grueling casting, Robert Pattinson was one of the finalists to be able to do the role and was selected after a hearing in the house of the director of the first film, Catherine Hardwicke, when he stood with Kristen Stewart to test your chemical box. However, when he gave the news of who would be the boy vampire of your dreams, the fans didn’t want Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

This was learned thanks to an interview with Pattinson, who made portal Premiere in 2008, where he mentioned that the fans hated him so much that he received a huge amount of emails of hateand until the studio received letters asking that Pattinson is replaced by another actor if it is wanted that they were going to see the movie.

Upon hearing this buzz, was his companion Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria in the first two films), who offered a good explanation for all those fans, when you say that each reader had their own image of Edward Cullen in their minds, and that had to drop that idea to accept that Pattinson was the best choice for the role. But despite the help that you provided to Pattinson, it was not an easy process for him, until the film premiered and we all loved him in the role.

By the looks of it Pattinson has been in the eye of the hurricane when representing beloved characters are speakingand now it’s time to give life to the new version of the Knight of the Night ‘The Batman’. Where you will see if you can also with the challenge, once the movie hits all cinemas in the next October 1, 2021.