With Amber Heard out, so it would look like Emilia Clarke as Mera ‘Aquaman 2’


With a great possibility of facing jail for tampering with evidence against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, actress Amber Heard would be outside the DCEU, as we have announced various means of communication, it is time to find someone with a chemistry on-screen just as good as her and Jason Momoa. The choice is obvious, the actress of ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke as Mera ‘Aquaman 2’ it is everything you need to see to convince you.

Clarke has been part of the finished universe of Westeros as Daenerys Targaryen, but it is also known for her participation in the ill-willed delivery of ‘Only Star Wars Story’, among other important films, mostly comedy, so it would be interesting to go back to see her in a fantasy world.

It is important to emphasize that they are still rumors the fact that Heard is out of the sequel to the king of the seas, but everything indicates that it will be a reality soon. That is why the fans have sought who would be better in that role and if you can’t imagine Emilia Clarke as Mera ‘Aquaman 2’, this fan art has turned out.

In the illustration we see as only changed the face of the actress, but you have to admit that seeing the actress with the red hair and the costume of a Mere it is quite convincing to want that is a to another franchise recognized. Hopefully, if accepted, will go better than in their other productions.

On the legal dispute between Depp and Heard, to know that his ex-partner and ex-wife have made statements in favor of the actor, claiming that he is an excellent person and that the negative comments are completely wrong and far from reality.

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