Yuliett Torres Flaunts Curves Booty In A Tiny Thong


Yuliett Torres Flaunts Curvy Booty In Tiny Thong

Yuliett Torres has been keeping her Instagram followers updated with a bunch of new snaps lately, and its second-most recent percentage was all about her curves, booty. Posed to sit in front of a window and showed off her figure in a colorful lingerie set.

Your set includes a bright purple bra and a striking belt. The thong was light pink with bright pink and purple floral-inspired designs. Had black trim and double straps that rested low on his waist.

Yuliett sat with his back angled towards the camera in front of a half-open window. She placed her hands on the window and looked outside with a hint of a smile on his face. She also arched her back slightly to accentuate her curves, and her bare behind was on full show.

The model of the application of the makeup was partially visible and appeared to include eye shadow purple, dark lashes, bright pink blush and matching lipstick. Your white manicure was also visible. She wore her hair down and brushing it behind her back, and was so long that it reaches her thong.

Outside through the window was a street scene with buildings of great height.

The geotag revealed that she was in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was a sunny day outside, even if Yuliett was lit by a combination of natural light and a yellow glow of a floor lamp that peeked through on the right side of the image.

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It is not the same to be cooped up at home that to be a salvo at home. #yomequedoencasa and you how you are now? @lecitre

A post shared by Yuliett Towers ???????? (@yuliett.towers) May 7, 2020 at 9:22am PDT

The sizzling of the image has received more than 143,200 you like it so far and have received a lot of compliments in the comments section of his admirers.

“I like your window. The view is beautiful,” wrote one social media user.

“Hot lady,” said another fan.

“Good,” wrote a third supporter.

Others responded to the question posed in the title. Although the majority of the responses were in Spanish, there are some people who answered in English.

“I’ve been locked in the house for two and a half months,” said a fourth devotee, the use of two Italian flags to reveal your location.

Yuliett took to his Instagram page to share another steam photo of five days ago. She was

topless and only wearing a tiny black thong, leaving her cleavage on the screen. The model also wore her hair in a casual side part, and she used their locks to censor his chest. She poses within a professional photo studio and held a DSLR camera in your hand. The participation turned out to be very popular and received over 148,800 you like.

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