Zac Efron, actresses reveal the unpleasant experiences the kiss him


Zac Efron is considered to be one of the actors most handsome of United States and even if it seems perfect, however does not think the same as some actresses have shared unpleasant experiences when kissing the actor on a scene.

Zachary David Alexander Efron internationally known as a Zac Efron began acting at the age of eleven years, motivated by his own dad.

Efron quickly caught the attention of the public by his talent and by be quite attractive to his young age, participating in programs beginning in 2002.

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After five years of being in the middle of the theatre was presented with the opportunity to have your first kiss, dummy for the series “Summerland” being your partner of sharing Kay Panabakerhowever this was one of the most embarrassing moments of the actor and that, to date, still torments him.

16-year-old Zac Efron he had to kiss his partner, who then was 13 years old, however she was the one who gave him a very important lesson to date has followed to the letter.

“Don’t pig out on salmon or fish, as he had done just before having to kiss her”, is what you are trying to correct the actor in each scene of a kiss.

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Ashley Tisdale actress who played Sharpay Evans in “High School Music” he shared credits with the actor and was with her with whom he had another unpleasant encounter as revealed on the actress.

High School Music it was a project of the studies of Mickey Mouse, Became at that time worked for the company for the mouse, and Zac came to work in the productions of Warner Brothers.

The actress confirmed that the actor has also committed a lack of etiquette unforgivable when they had to shoot a scene of passion that he took too seriously, and that was something unexpected to Ashley as I felt great affection for Zac as if it were part of their family.

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“I had to kiss Zac in ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ and the mere fact of doing so was terrible because we are very united, and is like a brother to me. At that time he was accustomed to working on productions for Warner Brothers and us, we were part of the Disney Channel,“ said Ashley in an interview to the magazine ELLE.

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