10 things to know Travis Scott


The rapper-singer-producer was not a perfect stranger in Spain, but, after inviting Rosalia in a new ‘remix’ of his ‘Highest-in-the-room’, will add surely, new fans here. Ten notes on an artist, ambitious.

1. Travis is, in reality, Jacques

His real name and full is Jacques Berman Webster II. Put Travis Scott as a stage name in honor of his uncle Travis, whom she admired (more) young man for his charisma and instinct for business; ‘Scott’ was a nickname of the same family, as told in an interview with ‘Complex’ of 2015.

2. Comes from musical family

The music, be that as it may, it came more by way of his grandfather, a composer of jazz, and his father, a musician in soul. Since very little, he showed a sense of rhythm: in the documentary of Netflix ‘Travis Scott: Look mom I can fly’ you can see Scott very tadpole by touching the battery. Pointed out ways in football and athletics, but already in the days of his institute was obsessed with music.

3. He left the university

Travis/Jacques went to the University of Texas at San Antonio, but left his career in the second year to concentrate on the music. “When I left the studies, it was the worst thing, uncle,” he said to ‘Complex’ in 2012. “I cut off the faucet. I was very rebellious with the educational life”. During a good time was sleeping on the sofas of friends in New York and then in Los Angeles.

4. Kanye West is like her stepfather

Or so said in an interview with ‘Billboard’. West as he signed as a producer to his label G. O. O. D. Music, and both regularly participate in the albums of the other.

5. Has a daughter, film producer

In addition to his stepfather, the author of ‘Yeezus’ was for a time his relative not official. Scott began to come out in 2017 with the star of reality shows and mogul’s makeup Kylie Jenner, half-sister of Kim Kardashian, woman of the West. The fruit of the relationship was born Stormi in February 2018. Yes, the same Stormi Webster who is listed as executive producer in the credits of ‘Travis Scott: Look mom I can fly’. Travis and Kylie broke last September, but lately there have emerged signs of reconciliation.

6. Is a fan of amusement parks

And he was, above all, of one in particular, closed in 2005: the AstroWorld of Houston, who gave his name and inspiration to your still last album. That album earned Scott her first Grammy nominations, including ‘best album rap’; in the end the winner was Cardi B for its magnificent ‘Invasion of privacy’.

7. Live is a spectacle

His tour ‘Astroworld – Wish you were here’ also reflected the experience of spending an afternoon at an amusement park. In November of 2018, became the Madison Square Garden in one of them: when they had been there a ferris wheel and a roller coaster? Crazy.

8. Interact with your audience

During his concerts, Scott is to relate everything possible with your audience. Usually invite fans to the stage and then encourage them to jump on the crowd. This hunger for human warmth, or chaos, can cost you. During a performance in Rogers, Arkansas, in may of the year 2017, encouraged people to jump the barriers to get closer to the stage, which cost him an arrest and a charge of inciting riots. In October of the same year he was sued by a young fan who had fallen, pushed out of a balcony of the room of new york’s Terminal 5.

9. Has his own label

“I think that now I am in a situation very good to help other artists, he can be heard to say in an interview in ‘Travis Scott: Look mom I can fly’. This created in 2017 Cactus Jack, the seal of which they form a part Sheck Wes or Don Toliver. The last reference of the brand is ‘Jackboys’, a compilation-a showcase that kicks off with a remix of the ‘Highest-in-the-room’ of Scott, with contributions from Rosalia and Lil Baby.

10. Want to do a Broadway play

“I love Broadway, it is something super tremendous,” he said in the program Ellen DeGeneres in the 2018. His next disc, as has been said, it could be accompanied by a work represented there for at least a week. You have to think big. Always.