A Razzie for the Razzie: when the anti-Oscar passed braking


We do not lead to deception: no one takes seriously the Razzie, the awards that are valued (ahem, ahem) the worst films of the previous year. Both industry and the average viewer know that it is a game, a ceremony that is a joke that seeks to call attention to delivering their already known anti-Oscar; an event plan jijijaja which is used to cover any other page of the newspaper that has been picked up. In summary: it’s a party at the expense of an industry –which represents the Hollywood canon– which has a very high esteem. Too.

In fact, actors and actresses whose talent is beyond any doubt as Tom Selleck and Sandra Bullock have attended the ceremony –many of the nominees do not– in order to receive their prize between laughter, applause, sarcasm and relatively good roll (Halle Berry, in fact, he picked up his Razzie in one hand while holding with the other the Oscar he had won the previous year by Monster”s Ball).

Sometimes your criteria may coincide with our own. This year, without going more far, Cats has been six raspberries, golden (yes, the award is a raspberry of plastic glued on top of a reel of celluloid whose value does not even reach five dollars) of the eight to which I aspired. It is fair to say that they are deserved: the film of Tom Hopper is, to put it mildly, harsh.

In general, the members of the foundation Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have reasonable grounds to reward (punish) the films that reward (punish). However, from the first ceremony –held the day before the Oscars since the year 1981– accumulate examples in which these academics really are not) you will spend listillos.

Ben Affleck boasts a Razzie before Larry King.

© Photo: Getty Images.

In their first event (held in 1981, honored films released in 1980), the members of the foundation, was nominated in the category of Worst director both Kubrick (for the glare!) as to Brian de Palma (by Dressed to kill; although it would be reported two years after by –no joke– The price of power, and in 1984 by a Body Double). In 1981, Michael Cimino took the raspberry sprayed with spray by heaven’s door (quietly, we don’t understand it). Time after, in 1998, Gus Van Sant he picked up the award for Psycho. There are cases in handfuls.

As for Worst movie, we have it all: Hunting (nominated in the first delivery), Rambo: Cornered Part II (winner in 1985), The great hawk (winner in 1991), Maximum risk and The last great hero (both nominated in 1993), and Godzilla (nominated in 1998). Someone to explain us what’s wrong with all these movies, please. See, we know they are not The Godfather, but also that The great hawk is not the worst film of 1991: what is the truth someone thinks that The mind-boggling journey of Bill and Ted or Colleagues on the force are better?

Actors of all coat and condition have also suffered the wrath of the members of the foundation: Robin Williams (nominated for The man bicentenary in 1999), Ben Affleck (four nominations and a prize triple, for Daredevil, A dangerous relationship and Paycheck; 2003), Sylvester Stallone (15 nominations and four raspberry), Schwarzenegger (nominated for Worst actor for Conan, the barbarian, what do you what can you believe?), Tom Cruise for The Mummy (the same if he is deserved on this occasion). Even Al Pacino it has come to be nominated (and twice: Murder and just 88 minutes).

In the women’s category, Jennifer Lawrence she was nominated in the category of Worst actress in 2017 for mother! (or-of-joke), Demi Moore took him by The lieutenant O’neil (1997), Heather Donahue by The project of the Blair witch (what else is supposed to do?), Madonna by Four Rooms (what?) and Lindsay Lohan by The Canyons (the movie is terrible, yes, but not the fault of LL).

And we are many, many other injustices in the pipeline (Sylvester Stallone, special award to the Worst actor of the XX century; what free, isn’t it?). On the verge of turning 40 years, the foundation maintained its give-and-take with the industry: on the one hand recognizes the value (wink, wink) for some titles that do not support discussion (in the case of Cats); on the other is bundled the blanket to the head with nominations delirious with the sole purpose of calling the attention.

In the end, remember what you advised before: nobody takes the Razzie seriously… much as their verdicts sometimes to pass from braking.

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