According to leaked information, Travis Scott could appear in Fortnite 2


Travis Scott it is one of the most important figures in the hip-hop scene international, who was able to transcend to the mainstream and be one of the artists of the highest projection in the present. His place in pop culture is undeniable, and so much more now that you may see in Fortnite.

It seems that a collaboration between the rapper and Epic Games (the company creator and developer of Fortnite) is in development right now, then that is filtraran a few files of the second season of Fortnite that is mentioned to Scott in a DisplayName (name that normally carry sets of Skins, emotes and items from the collection that appear in the game).

“This confirms in any way the partnership between him and Fortnite. Exact details still are not clear, but it is very likely that it is a skin and other things (like a set)”.

It is still unknown what really this collaboration, but it could be a part of the series Icon, which has already seen a new armor ninja added to the game, a emote pokimane and more.

Track by Track: Travis Scott & JACKBOYS, “JACKBOYS”

It is worth noting that this could also be a collaboration much larger in the Travis Scott you could make a concert inside the game as you did Marshmello in a opportunity, in accordance with ComicBook.

This would not be the first time that Travis Scott part of the euphoria that surrounds the video game of battles as a chance to see what we saw face to the streamer Ninja in a game live next to Drake.

Until the moment, nor Travis, nor Epic Games have confirmed or refuted this news.

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