Amber Heard claim the right to strip naked, like Jason Momoa


When the last month Amber Heard published in your account Instagram a photograph of you in which he was posing with a jacket american that left to air one of their breasts, many of his followers predicted that the platform would not take too long in eliminating it failed to comply with its policy in regard to the female nude.


What most angered the actress is his partner in the cast Aquaman, Jason Momoa, you can share without any problem images that shows off his chiseled naked torso without fear of possible repercussions.

Now, she criticizes all the derision that has been able to gather such double standards that are applied to the bodies of men and women in the social network to claim that she be allowed to show yours with total freedom.

“In honor of the strict and equitable rules of the community of Instagram, which is opposed to that show nipples female, and in view of that the mine only enjoyed briefly of the privilege enjoyed by their male counterparts, I have decided to pay homage to this by replacing my photo with one that counts with the approval of the strict guidelines of Instagram about nudity and their studied gender policies”, wrote Amber to illustrate a fun assembly, in which you placed the face and the trunk of Jason in your body in the same instant that the company blotted out your profile for being too explicit.

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By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images