Antonella Roccuzzo discover the antics of the little Messi (to the rhythm of Shakira)


Antonella Rocuzzo and Leo Messi they have three sons: Thiago of seven years, Matthew is four and a Cyrus two. The couple met in Rosario when both of them were only a few children through a common friend. Although for some years they were separated, she in Argentina and Messi in Barcelona, when they came together they began their relationship.

It was in 2010 when the love became official but by then the couple had already spent some time keeping a discreet relationship. It was that same year when Antonella he moved to the Catalan capital, and where the couple lives since then, and where they have spent the confinement during these last two months.

Leo Messi you have returned to work with the Barca but her family continues in the house following the standards imposed in Spain. Antonella they often share small details of their life on social networks and know that their followers, who already are more than 12 million, I like to see how they grow the children of the couple.

Recently Rocuzzo has posted a video on his Instagram in which he has shown to his children dancing and jumping to the rhythm of Shakira. Between the singer and Antonella have arisen rumors of a possible bad relationship but both have shared moments together and even though Shakira it is not the best relationship with the rest of the girlfriends and wives of players, all seem to be seen.

Messi and Antonella were married in 2017 in a romantic and luxurious ceremony held in Argentina attended by multiple familiar faces, many of them from the world of sport and team-mates Messi as Jordi Alba or Sergio Busquets. The bride wore models Rosa Clara

Antonella has been in the news recently after showing his hard training at home. The woman of Leo Messi is very strict with his physical preparation and, no doubt, the results are fantastic. Antonella can boast of a stunning body at 32 years old and after having spent three pregnancies.

The training of the argentina has been the subject of debate in his home country, where the gatherings have commented each step in your training. Antonella he has trained in the gym of your own home, whether using machines, such as doing squats and abdominal. The exercise routine of the wife of Messi seems to be a real athlete.