Ariana Grande could be the culprit of the game, Mac Miller


Recently internet users have been reminded of the famous rapper Mac Miller with whom she had a relationship with Ariana Grande and have begun to blame it on your game approximately two years ago.

Today Mac Miller became trend on Twitter especially, since his followers they recalled with great sorrow his departure and just like that they began to blame the interpreter of “Thank you next” for such a tragic event.

As you may recall Mac Miller and Ariana Grande were a couple for two years and even were one of the couples most famous and beloved by the public until their separation.

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Months after the singer promised with the actor Pete Davinson and later Mac lost his life due to a s0bredosis in your home.

It is for this reason that millions of fans of Miller’s claim in social media that Ariana had something to do with it, as it was surely a really big pain having lost and seeing her engaged with another person.

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Many of his followers also became a trend in emphasizing that miss her musicso there are nights in which they do not hesitate to listen to it.

It is worth mentioning that the singer separated the rapper Mac Miller in may 2018 after a troubled relationship that covered the issues of him with his adicci0nes and the trauma that created in her the savage attack in a concert that he gave in Manchester that left 23 mu3rt0s may 22, 2017.

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Later, on the 30th of may, Ariana confirmed on social media, which began a new relationship with Pete Davidson.

The news about her relationship with Pete troubled rapperwho then he composed a songentitled Programs, in which he said that it would not talk more with your ex-girlfriend if she had no love to offer.

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It is for this reason that many think that she actually it has something to do with what he did the rapper, but what we know is that he already had some problems adicci0nes before their separation so that it is not a sure thing.