Britney Spears and 20 years of Oops I did it again


The call for so many years The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears and that certainly marked several generations, especially in the nineties, managed to position itself as the most influential artists of the industry with their successes, achievements, downfalls and losses; in just ten years was all his life both professional and personal. Britney from very small showed his gifts as a star starting in The Show Mickey Mouse Clubat the side of personalities that later would be part of the music industry such as Justin Timberlake and Cristina Aguilera, in addition to Ryan Gosling (the seventh art).

In the era of the nineties the boy and girl bands were out of fashion and she didn’t want to be part of some, his mother Lynne Spears convinced the producers of that time that Britney may well be a soloist, until in the year 1998 he released his first single “Baby One Time”, composed by the lyricist of the Swedish Max Martin; in the beginning, this hit was to the band TLC, but they rejected it so they decided that would be a good topic for Spears, who was only 16 years of age and agree with the Billboard was the most successful single of the singer in the Billboard Hot 100.

This topic was also nominated for the best female pop vocal performance at Grammy Awards 2000, and Also ranked as the second best theme, according to a survey conducted in July, 2001, (the second because then would come the song with the most successful), which would make dawn the race of Spears.

But first we need to capture a tour of their successes. The theme, the first single from their second record material, Oops I didn t again got the Gold and Platinum in various parts of north America and Europe, and not only this simple blew off the screens and radio stations.

When it came to “I’m slave for you”, opened up a new facet for his third album, that even this topic was presented at the opening of the MTV Video Music Awards, appearing in a kind of jungle with a choreography remembered by so many loading sensually and without dancing, a snake, event, iconic and unforgettable, it was one of your presentations more famous, and to date still giving you what to talk about.

“In the Zone”, released in 2003 which integrated the hit “Toxic” that was part of their fourth album, was chosen by the audience as the best song, and in the Uk was success more heard in the decade of the 2000s, in addition to earned him his first Grammy award in 2005 in the category Best song dance.

In that same album, joined “Everytime” which was written by the same Britney has managed to position itself in the twelfth most successful single on the Billboard, a theme quite out of the ordinary to what I usually did.

In 2007, and with greater reason, their fifth album would be called “Blackout”, (later explains the event), here’s Britney starts a new phase and putting his lyrics to the classic tale “It’s Britney Bitch”.