Celia Lora posa showing the chest in her bikini more bold for Instagram


The famous mexican model, Celia Lora, is a favorite of the users on Instagram and thanks to your great personality and beauty, because in every photo that goes up ends for the delight of the pupils of the beholder.

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This time we present to you one of his photographs hottest in the looks of your chest in a spectacular way, wearing a bikini, more daring and more pegaditos which has stamping of “banana hot”.

At these times Celia Lora is missing a lot of the able to travel and see new places as well How to take photographs captivating to their loyal fans and this photograph is an example of those memories.

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In the snapshot we can see the young in a kind of forest, wearing a bikini with a print of a banana with which he wanted to show off their great attributes front.

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Thanks to this kind of photo, Celia has become a star of Instagram even have been considered as the perfect woman on several occasions by his fans, who are super in love of her and can’t help to yearn to see more pictures of her figure.

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For this reason she has her page private content, where you can find photos and videos, fully customized part of it to you, something that has had quite a lot of happy friends who want to be able to share moments with her.

Lately to try to help the people of the world who find themselves with economic problems the young man has been doing reweet to the label, regardless of whether they are from your city or country, because you want to help publicize.

For the moment we can only wait and keep looking forward in this situation you can even Celia Lora recommends that we care a lot, because it is the most important thing in these moments.